Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Well.. this is kind of a unfair advantage .. lol simple for me though.. ( for anyone who does not know.. Barb over at Stampitcrazy is my mother). Any way .. Here is the card I made for the Haunted Design House Stampitcrazy challenge. Didnt think it turned out to bad considering I am under the weather. Stupid head and chest cold. Managed to make this while I had a little energy in between my nyquil pills. lol . I tried the masking technique. Didnt work out how I pictured it, so I did it my way . Simple black and light gray ( which I realized it looks white ) colored paper were used. Of coarse images and sentiment are from Stampitcrazy. Yellow marker for the moon and light green for the goblins.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Me and Brie, 24th birthday, god ! next year we are gonna be half way to 50 lol..

Me, Derek, and Brie.. again at the club for her 24th ..
Me and Brie's middle aged daughter , Natalee at the Mississippi Valley Fair. You dont realize how much the merry- go - round makes you dizzy until you get old . I had to stare at the ground the whole time.. Almost got sick LOL
Yup ! ZZ Top at the Fair! Went with my dad. I dont go to alot of concerts, so I actually thought they put on a good show. I wanted to go to make my ex jealous MWUHAHAHA. He always talked about how he wanted to see them in concert. haha .. sucker..

So it has been a while since I have been on here.. With the summer months, we all seem to be busy.. I have been busy working and hanging out with a friend that has moved up here after 5- 6 years.. I have been making cards but never get around to posting them lol .. here is what I have been up too !

Well , it has been a while... you know how the summer months go.. anyway .. here is my entry for the Haunted Design House Netherworld Nymphs Challenge. I have been kind of in a crafty rut lately considering everything thats going on.. and not to mention my crafty mentor has left me to my own despise .. :) .. anyway... when I seen " feminine nature spirits".. my first thought was the elements so thats what I stuck with. Images are from Stampitcrazy. Colored paper, markers and embellishments were used. Sentiments were computer generated..