Thursday, August 12, 2010

Me and Brie, 24th birthday, god ! next year we are gonna be half way to 50 lol..

Me, Derek, and Brie.. again at the club for her 24th ..
Me and Brie's middle aged daughter , Natalee at the Mississippi Valley Fair. You dont realize how much the merry- go - round makes you dizzy until you get old . I had to stare at the ground the whole time.. Almost got sick LOL
Yup ! ZZ Top at the Fair! Went with my dad. I dont go to alot of concerts, so I actually thought they put on a good show. I wanted to go to make my ex jealous MWUHAHAHA. He always talked about how he wanted to see them in concert. haha .. sucker..

So it has been a while since I have been on here.. With the summer months, we all seem to be busy.. I have been busy working and hanging out with a friend that has moved up here after 5- 6 years.. I have been making cards but never get around to posting them lol .. here is what I have been up too !

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